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Business Series – Webinar Highlights – Jeremy Dalton and Elena Chopyak

April 14, 2021

On April 8th, 2021, we were joined by Jeremy Dalton, Head of XR at PwC UK and author of “RealityCheckXR”, and Elena Chopyak, International Rescue Committee to explore the XR landscape.

Jeremy shared with both our CEO/Co-Founder Hakan Satiroglu and Instructor Patrick Dunfey all the history of XR and explained why this is the right time to develop strategies for utilizing XR in your business plans.  Elena then walked us through all the challenges related to getting an XR project off the ground along while pointing out the rewards for being part of the early adopters to this technology.

“No matter what business you are part of [or] whatever industry you are in, XR has benefits that it can create inside the business world.” – Jeremy Dalton, Head of XR for PwC UK and Author of “RealityCheckXR”

We have prepared the highlights from the session here for your convenience.

To watch the full webinar, click this link – Full Webinar Video – 04-08-2021.

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