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XR Foundations: Designer

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What you’ll learn

Learn from enthusiastic instructors in the top intro to XR development course. You will master the basics of Unity and C# scripting with a combination of live and pre-recorded classes plus live 1:1 help.

  • Unity, C#, and VR toolkits and libraries
  • VR interactions and locomotion
  • Animations, Character controllers, and movement
  • VR projects that build your developer skills and help you become job-ready

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Course Details

This 8-week foundation course will give a beginner a complete overview of Unity and enable them to build their first virtual reality Unity project. Students will create custom scripts, learn about prefabs, trigger animations, and use coroutines to execute code over time. By the end, students will be comfortable writing scripts and will build their first VR portfolio piece.

Weeks 1 - 2

Introduction to the Unity 3D engine. Construct your own character out of primitive objects and materials. Write a C# script and trigger custom functions by clicking on that character.

  • Intro to objects, transforms, and hierarchy
  • How to apply colors and textures to an object using Materials
  • Intro to C# and custom components

Weeks 3 - 4

Make your very first VR Scene, with locomotion and grab interactions. Learn about Unity’s collision and trigger detection, and instantiate prefabs through code.

  • Use the XR Interaction Toolkit to set up locomotion in VR
  • Learn how to create, edit, and instantiate Prefabs
  • Use Unity’s physics system to detect collisions and triggers

Weeks 5 - 6

Explore more advanced coding techniques, such as coroutines and loops that allow you to run code over time. Discuss the advantages of the Singleton script architecture, which in combination with lists and arrays enables management of prefabs through code.

  • Begin the VR Fabricator, the final project that allows the user to customize an object before grabbing it to bring into the scene
  • Implement a button that destroys all spawned objects over a short period of time
  • Use Joint components and a procedural skybox material to create a VR Slider that changes the time of day

Weeks 7 - 8

Create custom animations from within Unity, and trigger them through code. Set up hands that animate when you press buttons on the VR controller. Present the VR Fabricator you made!

  • Hand models that animate from controller inputs by listening to Input Action events
  • Learn to record your VR experience for your portfolio or demos
  • Present your VR Fabricator to your peers

We have financing and scholarship options available


Although open to motivated beginners, this course is best suited for students with some previous programming experience.

Required Experience

Unity : None

C# Coding : None

This program introduces students with some programming experience to the Unity platform and programming in C#. If you do not have programming experience, the course will be more difficult; however, this course was created to function as a formal introduction to C#, so it is possible to use it as an introductory programming course.

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Portfolio Projects

You’ll leave with a portfolio-ready project and the skills to build more

Always There

Access to each classes recording so you can catch up if you miss a class, or re-watch a segment


Industry experts and access to our alumni community upon completion of the course

Alumni Discounts

All alumni receive discounts on subsequent classes or workshops


Weekly office hours and 1:1 sessions for your specific questions


Alumni have access to our quarterly hackathons building exciting XR projects for nonprofits

VR Developer Foundations

    • 8-Week Program
    • 24 Hours of Live Online Instruction
    • 16 Hours of Open Office Time
    • Weekly 1-on-1 Sessions with Instructors
    • Scholarships Available
    • Tuition: $1,499 ($999 through 4/30/24)
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