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XR Foundations: Designer

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XR Foundations Academy

Bring your school district into the future!

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Prepare your students for an exciting career by teaching them to create immersive experiences for Virtual Reality and Augmented Reality!

XR Foundations Academy prepares students with skills to begin creating meaningful VR and AR experiences for themselves and their communities.  This immersive course teaches the core concepts of AR development and is a hands-on, scalable solution for high school students to gain real experience in VR/AR development and design.

Upon completion of the course, students will have created a working AR experience that they can share with friends and family and will have developed a foundation for further study in XR development.

This course consists of 25 hours of live instruction. It can be taught on-site or online, over consecutive days, or spread over a longer period. Each session serves up to 30 students. Contact us if you are interested in bringing this curriculum to your classrooms!


XR Foundations Academy is approved to offer one-half credit as an Open Elective in Computer Science in New Hampshire via the Learn Everywhere program. 

At the end of the program, students will:

  • have an understanding of XR
  • be able to explain careers in VR/AR
  • have created and presented a working Unity application
  • be able to discuss the process of taking an XR application from idea to demonstration
  • be ready for more advanced VR/AR design and development


Are you a teacher interested in learning about using VR/AR in the classroom? Check out the XR Foundations for Educators course provided at no cost to teachers in the US!


Topics Covered

• Overview of XR, the Metaverse, and Careers
• Intro to Unity and Object Oriented Programming
• AR Image and Face Tracking in Unity with Zappar
• Designing and Creating Image Targets
• Navigating within a 3D Engine
• Creating, Finding, and Importing Digital Assets
• Textures, Materials, Lighting, and Reflections
• User Interface and Tap Interactions
• Audio for Feedback and Ambience
• Creating and Triggering Animations and Visual Effects
• Recording Demo Videos and Presenting AR Prototypes

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All middle and high school students with an interest in learning to develop or design for augmented reality and virtual reality can succeed. No prior knowledge of coding is required.

Hardware Requirements

PC | Windows 10, CPU Intel Core i5 sixth generation

Mac | macOS High Sierra, CPU Intel Iris Plus Graphics 640

  • Memory 8GB RAM
  • Storage 40GB SSD onboard
  • Graphics Card NVIDIA GTX 970
  • USB Port Minimum 1 x USB 3.0 or 1 x USB C
  • Webcam (Built-in or External)
  • Built-in trackpad or external mouse with scroll, left click, and right click capabilities
  • Headphones (if in a classroom setting)

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