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XR Foundations: Designer

Please send me information about the XR Foundations: Designer program when it becomes available.

VR and AR Design and Developer Courses

Whatever your skillset, whatever your reality of choice, we have the top classes to master building immersive experiences

VR Developer Foundations

Get a great head start or brush up on your C# programming skills before taking the 8-week VR Developer bootcamp.

Designed for:
  • People comfortable using a computer, typing, and learning new software programs
  • Comfortable with basic math concepts like arithmetic
  • Perfect for college students, professionals, or anyone with interest in XR and programming

VR Designer Foundations

Create a tropical island VR experience, learn what it takes to create compelling assets, beautiful lighting, intuitive UI, and interactions… plus how to spruce it up with basic VFX!

Designed for:
  • Enthusiasts with an interest in design
  • People curious about building interactions in Unity
  • Designers wanting to add something new to their portfolios

VR Developer

This course gets you straight into virtual reality project development. Learn the process of VR prototyping & design through industry-ready projects that will prepare you for a career in VR.

Designed For:
  • Jr. and Sr. level college computer science majors
  • Current developers looking to upskill
  • Enthusiasts with a passion for learning new skills
  • Familiarity with Javascript, C#, C++, or Python
  • Experience in full software development life-cycle
  • Knowledge of unit testing and version control

VR Designer

This course gets you straight into design for virtual environments and interactive experiences.

Designed For:
  • Jr and Sr. level college visual design majors
  • Visual design professionals looking to upskill
  • Enthusiasts with a passion for learning new skills
  • Familiarity with sketching storyboards, design layouts and basic design theory
  • Experience designing assets with programs like Adobe, Sketch, Figma, or Framer
  • Knowledge of 3D Modeling Software, Rendering Software, or Application Design Software

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