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XR Foundations: Designer

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What you’ll learn

Learn from enthusiastic instructors in this top VR developer course. Take your Unity and C# scripting skills to the next level with live and pre-recorded classes, plus live 1:1 help.

  • Unity, C#, and VR toolkits and libraries
  • VR physics interactions and locomotion
  • AI behavior
  • VR multiplayer experiences

Course Details

This course teaches you the core concepts of Unity VR development. Over 8 weeks you’ll create one  personal project and one team based project in collaboration with the VR Designer cohort. You’ll learn Unity C# scripting, the XR interaction toolkit, managing resource systems, prefabs and object instantiation, creating AI behavior, and syncing multiplayer.

Week 1

Introduction to Unity, version control, and XR project development with a 360 video project.

  • Install and setup Unity
  • Version control setup with GitHub
  • Creating a Unity 360 video project

Week 2

You'll learn the basics of project creation, including storyboarding and how to plan out an application. Week 2 is when you learn to work in a team and delegate tasks while working in Unity.

  • Storyboarding skills
  • Team work
  • Complete an interactive 360 narrative project

Week 3

Build your first VR app with the XR Interaction Toolkit - which allows you to grab and manipulate objects. Also, you'll learn VR locomotion, including teleportation and continuous movement. And cover inventory systems and prefabs, to allow you to carry resources around. Learn to make things happen with triggers and collision detection.

  • VR locomotion
  • Inventory and intro to UI
  • Unity physics engine

Week 4

Dive into AI behaviors, including the ability to detect, follow, and interact with you. Learn to execute code over time with coroutines. Along with a deeper dive into lists, arrays, and inventory management.

  • Build an AI character that can detect you and follow you
  • Write manager scripts to control the experience

Week 5

Finish making the single player experience. Create complex resource interactions by combining knowledge of the Unity Physics engine and code callbacks.

  • Complete your single player VR experience
  • Create a physics layer matrix that eliminates unintended interactions between objects

Week 6

Implement Multiplayer features in your VR app. Sync properties like health and position on AI and grabbable objects. Explore Unity’s Scene Management system to create several rooms for players to join.

  • Upgrade your project to a multiplayer experience you can play with your friends and family

Week 7

Onboard new users to your app with a tutorial. Playtest your app, and share it online for people to try. Learn common troubleshooting techniques for debugging.

By the end of this week students will have:

  • Developed a tutorial for your multiplayer VR app

Week 8

Learn best practices for optimizing a game for VR. Finish and present your personal and team projects. Celebrate a job well done.

  • Present two polished VR portfolio pieces



Applicants must meet the following program prerequisites to qualify for the program.


  • Familiarity with a programming language (for example, Javascript, C#, C++, or Python)
  • Experience with the software development lifecycle
  • Understanding of team software practices including unit testing and version control


  • Experience in game development/app development
  • Experience with design and animation/modeling software

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Portfolio Projects

You’ll leave with multiple portfolio ready projects and the skills to build more

Office Hours

Weekly office hours and 1:1 sessions for your specific questions


Guest speakers, industry experts, and access to our alumni community upon completion of the course

Alumni Discounts

All alumni receive discounts on subsequent classes or workshops


We’ll work with you to help you develop your Metaverse career in the right direction


Alumni have access to our quarterly hackathons building exciting XR projects for nonprofits

Tuition And Financing

VR Developer 8-Week Bootcamp Includes:

  • 48 Hours Live Online Instruction
  • Weekly 1-on-1 Sessions
  • Engagement with Industry Partners
  • Career Services
  • Partial Scholarships Available
  • Tuition: $3499