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XR Foundations: Designer

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What you'll learn

Learn from passionate instructors at the top of the XR design field. You will discover tools and techniques to create beautifully designed worlds in VR with a combination of live and pre-recorded classes plus 1:1 help.

  • Unity and Oculus Quest
  • Assets, Materials, Textures
  • Unity Light Baking & Intro to VFX
  • Player Movements, Locomotions and VR Interactions
  • 2D UI Prototyping

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Course Details

The perfect foundational course for VR Design in Unity. Through in-class demos and exercises, you’ll learn key design concepts and how to use them in Unity. In 4 weeks you’ll create a tropical island VR experience, learn what it takes to create compelling assets, beautiful lighting, intuitive UI and interactions… plus how to spruce it up with basic VFX! By the end of this course, you’ll be comfortable with designing in Unity and have a fully-functioning portfolio piece.

Week 1

Introduction to the Unity 3D engine and our class project. We’ll also go through the basics of assets and prefabs.

  • Get up and running with Unity
  • Learn how to build a VR app on your headset
  • Intro to objects, assets, and prefabs

Week 2

Learn how to make your assets shine with beautiful materials. Plus we’ll dig into player movements and interactions.

  • Create a treasure chest asset from scratch
  • Beautify your assets with Materials, Shaders, and Texture Maps
  • Learn how to make your VR project interactive

Week 3

Let There Be Light! Explore the complex yet delightful world of Unity Lighting, along with an introduction to VFX.

  • Light up your scene with real-time and baked light sources
  • Create a mood for your Scene with Post-Processing effects

Week 4

In our final week, we introduce Unity’s 2D UI pipeline, some prototyping techniques and audio. With these techniques, you can complete your own Magical Island VR experience.

  • Create your unique Magical Island in VR
  • Create Menus and UI in Unity
  • Perfect your scene with Audio Implementation

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Although open to motivated beginners, this course is best suited for students with some previous design experience.

Required Experience

Unity : None

Coding: None

XR Experience: None

UX, 3D, 2D Design Some Notion

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Founded in 2019 in response to the growing need for a structured, outcome-focused training program to educate aspiring XR professionals.

We are a team of XR experts, edtech and worktech professionals and passionate entrepreneurs that believe in creating impactful learning models for the digital world.


Portfolio Projects

You’ll leave with a portfolio-ready project and the skills to build more

Office Hours

Weekly office hours and 1:1 sessions for your specific questions


Industry experts and access to our alumni community upon completion of the course

Alumni Discounts

All alumni receive discounts on subsequent classes or workshops


We'll work with you to help you develop your Metaverse career in the right direction


Alumni have access to our quarterly hackathons building exciting XR projects for nonprofits

VR Designer Foundations


  • 4-Week Program
  • 16 Hours of Live Online Instruction
  • Tuesdays/Thursdays 6pm – 8pm ET
  • Weekly 1-on-1 Sessions with Instructors
  • Scholarships May be Available
  • Tuition: $1,499

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