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XR Foundations: Designer

Please send me information about the XR Foundations: Designer program when it becomes available.

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“Hey Students: Get your Cell Phones Out!”

Put mobile devices to use and embrace AR in the classroom. Opening up XR educational opportunities from the palm of your hand. How can we use accessible technology in our classrooms? Explore the growing world of mobile AR educational applications and bring your lessons to life with immersive and interactive experiences for all grade levels.

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The How-To’s of Interacting in Metaverse

Exploring movement, interaction, & creation in the Metaverse; a perfect session for those new to VR!
Learning the controls of a new device and how to navigate a 3D space can seem a little daunting. We will guide and show you how to use VR controls, different styles of movement, and how to interact with objects in the metaverse, along with tips to avoid and reduce motion sickness and to keep you safe from accidents while in a headset.
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Rapid Prototyping for XR

How to storyboard and plan an immersive and cohesive XR learning experience.

Let’s get creating! In this session we will cover the latest techniques and tools used to rapidly prototype for XR. By the end of this session you will be able to draft a design document, build an effective team structure, shortlist the tools you will need and get started building your minimum viable product!

Watch the Recording At Verizon Innovative Learning HQ

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