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XR Foundations: Designer

Please send me information about the XR Foundations: Designer program when it becomes available.

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The exponential growth of the XR industry is creating a demand for talent that far outpaces supply. Recruiting new employees from this small and competitive pool will continue to be time consuming and expensive. Let XR Terra save you time and money by filling your talent pipeline with the workforce you already have. XR Terra offers AR/VR training programs to ensure your entire workforce is prepared for the future of technology. 

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A Great Opportunity to Train Your Workforce

The XR industry is expected to reach over $463 billion by 2026.1

Demand for AR & VR talent is up 1400% – far outpacing supply

XR has enterprise applications for virtually every industry

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AR/VR Training

XR Terra offers AR & VR foundational courses and bootcamps designed for both software developers and designers. Our programs can be customized for your employees or you can send individual employees to our open courses as needed.

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AR/VR Talent Source

XR Terra graduates are eager to put their new skills to work. If you’re looking for the next generation of AR/VR talent we have the workforce you are looking for. Contact us today to learn more about our students ready for internships, freelance projects or full-time employment.

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