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XR Foundations: Designer

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Get Ready for the Metaverse!

December 21, 2021
Your XR Learning Path

Are you career-ready for the Metaverse? Join our upcoming bootcamps to be ahead of the curve. 

Get Ready for the Metaverse!

Get Ready for the Metaverse!

Are you career-ready for the Metaverse? We’re excited to announce restructured XR bootcamps to help you upskill for the future. Upcoming bootcamps start January 3rd – just in time for a New Year’s resolution to take your career to the next level! 

XR Terra Co-Founder and General Manager Hakan Satiroglu says, “With the explosion of everything ‘metaverse’, our small community of XR professionals needs to grow to meet the demands of the marketplace.” 

We’re now offering the following 8-week bootcamps to help students upskill into the world of extended reality:

  • Virtual Reality Developer
  • Virtual Reality Designer
  • Augmented Reality Developer
  • Augmented Reality Designer

Students can combine bootcamps to become an expert in the designation of their choice. Hakan says, “We offer bootcamps to help students on their various XR learning paths based on their current skill level and goals. Some students will choose to focus solely on VR or AR by completing both of the respective designer and developer bootcamps. Others will want to focus only on the designer or developer role and complete both VR and AR bootcamps for their role of choice. There are now learning paths for each person’s goals.”

Each bootcamp includes live instruction, group exercises, team projects, and co-working sessions. Students will complete 2-3 industry-ready projects to add to their portfolios, preparing them for a career in XR.


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XR Terra is a Unity Authorized Training Partner. 

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