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XR Terra Offers New Program to Help Industry Leaders Adopt AR and VR Solutions

March 26, 2021

Projected to contribute $1.5 trillion to global GDP in the next decade, XR (extended reality, an umbrella term for augmented reality and virtual reality), has stretched far beyond gaming. Today, XR is transforming how industries like healthcare, manufacturing, construction, and biotech train employees and attract new consumers.

To help business leaders introduce XR to their companies, XR Terra has launched a part-time online course called AR x VR Business Strategies. Over the course of six weeks, students will gain fluency in XR hardware and software, experience hands-on demonstrations of AR and VR solutions, and build winning XR strategies.

“We developed this course to help business leaders seize the enormous potential of AR and VR,” said Hakan Satiroglu, co-founder and CEO of XR Terra. “Companies may be left behind if they don’t understand how AR and VR can completely change their business model. This course puts them squarely in that conversation so that they can generate ROI.”

Under the guidance of instructor Patrick Dunfey, students will learn XR fundamentals and see how various industries take advantage of emerging technology. As they progress in the course, students will examine the benefits and limitations of XR hardware and software. They’ll even compare various cost models and pitch ideas using VR or AR.

 “I’ve always been interested in taking a technological vision and making it real for an organization,” said Dunfey, who has discussed digital transformation strategies with dozens of Fortune 500 companies. “I want to help students identify where XR is ready to deliver real business value.” 

About XR Terra

Founded in 2019, XR Terra empowers the next generation of XR talent through industry-driven education and training programs. XR Terra’s team of passionate entrepreneurs, XR experts, and tech leaders help aspiring XR professionals reshape their reality. To that end, XR Terra proudly offers scholarships committed to gender diversity and minority inclusion in tech. XR Terra is a Unity Authorized Training and Certification Partner.

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