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XR Foundations: Designer

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AR x VR Business Strategies

Looking to introduce AR and VR to your business?

It’s no surprise. XR (or extended reality, the umbrella term for AR and VR), is transforming industries like healthcare, manufacturing, construction, and biotech.

But not every XR initiative succeeds. In this part-time, six-week online course, you’ll become fluent in the business language of XR. You’ll identify and validate winning XR strategies. You’ll gain a working knowledge of the costs and benefits of XR. You’ll identify the skills your team members need to execute an ROI-positive XR solution.

Course Highlights

  • 3 hours of weekly live online sessions (18 hours total)
  • Analysis and discussion of current case studies across industries
  • Roundtable discussions with XR industry experts
  • Hands-on experience with AR and VR solutions
  • Frameworks for developing XR strategies
  • Business planning to build an XR team

New Cohorts Starting Soon

Program Outcomes

  • Learn the fundamentals of the AR and VR industry
  • Discover the business, technology, and skill sets that drive the XR ecosystem
  • Connect with AR and VR experts to hear firsthand success stories and ask questions
  • Experience hands-on demos of AR and VR solutions
  • Recognize how AR and VR strategies succeed or fail by examining real-life case studies
  • Explore frameworks to build winning XR strategies

Who is this program for?

AR x VR Business Strategies is intended for non-technical professionals interested in pioneering XR strategies within their organization. However, anyone with a technical background who has been tasked with leading XR initiatives will also significantly benefit from this course.

The following industries will be addressed in this course, as they are most immediately impacted by XR:

  • Healthcare
  • Manufacturing
  • Training and HR
  • Construction and real estate
  • Retail
  • Fintech
  • Education
  • Biotech


Under the guidance of instructor Patrick Dunfey, students will learn XR fundamentals and see how various industries take advantage of emerging technology. As they progress in the course, students will examine the benefits and limitations of XR hardware and software. They’ll even compare various cost models and pitch ideas using VR or AR.

Patrick Dunfey

Patrick Dunfey

“I’ve always been interested in taking a technological vision and making it real for an organization,” said Dunfey, who has discussed digital transformation strategies with dozens of Fortune 500 companies. “I want to help students identify where XR is ready to deliver real business value.” Dunfey has also led digital transformation programs including an immersive VR motion simulator in a real vehicle, self-guided AR, VR, and IoT (internet of things) experiences, interactive storytelling AR art, and an award-winning customer experience center.


New Cohorts Starting Soon


6 Weeks


Monday and Wednesday 8:00-9:30 pm ET





Looking to introduce AR and VR to your business?

AR x VR Business Strategies


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