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Examples and use cases for how teachers around the world have adopted AR, VR and XR in education

June 7, 2022
teacher with students

Learn about extended reality (XR) and how it is enhancing k12 education.

Then let us help you gain the skills and confidence to introduce your students to the future!

Extended Reality (XR) – including the augmentation of reality with superimposed images or text (AR), and the creation of entirely immersive virtual worlds (VR), has made its way into k12 education. 

XR technologies touch every grade, every subject, and every student. Augmented reality and virtual reality have allowed students to be immersed in their lessons, resulting in improved engagement from students of all abilities.

If these terms are unfamiliar, you are not alone. These posts will help give an understanding of the basics of VR and AR: 

We understand that it can be overwhelming to understand how XR can fit into a teacher’s daily lessons. Teachers are enthusiastic about new strategies to help their students, but time and resources are often an obstacle. We are here for you!


XR Terra, in partnership with Verizon, wants to help educators and administrators build a fundamental set of skills and the confidence to engage VR and AR as amazing learning tools in their classrooms. Our goal is to create a supportive learning community for educators that will propel their learning, foster excitement, and inspire them to apply their new skills in classrooms during the school year 2022-23. See more about our free summer professional development here:


Although unfamiliar to many, XR is not exactly new to education. It has moved quickly from research and development, past trials, and into the mainstream. Here are some examples of growing momentum in public schools, starting in the 1990s and into 2022:

  • A 2021 article in Education Sciences assessed a teacher-created augmented reality application for high school students to explore vector geometry. The project demonstrated students’ ease of use, support for classroom access and even potential for home schooling.
Examples and use cases for how teachers around the world have adopted AR, VR and XR in education

Gain the skills and confidence to use XR in your classrooms! We invite all educators to join us this summer for some amazing professional development offered at no cost. Please visit our website for details and to register:



We welcome partnerships with our educational community. For more information about XR Terra’s commitment to building a supportive learning community for educators, contact Hakan Satiroglu at 617-901-0301 or

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