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XR Foundations: Designer

Please send me information about the XR Foundations: Designer program when it becomes available.

Bring the future to life with an XR enabled workforce

XR Terra is the leading US-based virtual and augmented reality training company.

  • Learn about XR
  • Upskill your workforce
  • Recruit XR ready talent

Upskill your current team with XR

XR Terra can teach XR skills to your existing developers and designers. In just weeks they can be ready to build proof of concepts. Volume pricing for individual seats is available, or choose to run a private cohort for your entire team.

Not sure if XR Terra is the right fit?

Try XR Terra before making a large training commitment. We’ll train up to 2 of your Developers or Designers in our popular 4 week XR Foundations Course.

In 4 weeks your employees will gain a foundation in Unity and C# scripting for building immersive environments and in 3 weeks your designers will have a solid foundation of spatial design, lighting, and UX.

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They’ll work on an enterprise example project and be much more comfortable with building immersive experiences.

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  • Upskilling
  • XR Terra
  • our courses
  • and the student experience at no cost.

After successfully kickstarting the learning journey for two teammates, we will work with you on the right upskilling plan, whether it includes individual seats, or a private cohort.

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Build out a new XR team, fast!

As an alternative to hiring recruitment companies that don’t yet understand the world of XR and the Metaverse, let’s work together to build you a custom path to recruitment.

We can work with you to find just the right candidates for your open job roles. We know what qualified XR talent looks like and we can be the recruiting company for you.

Why we’re not an ordinary XR recruitment firm

XR Terra is unique in recruiting XR talent. We have a pool of job-ready candidates that have recently graduated our courses, and a growing alumni network.

Plus we can work with you to identify candidates that are a fit for your team, but missing the XR skills.

We’ll recruit them, train them, and have them ready to join your team in no-time — faster and cheaper than competing for the same candidates as everyone else.

Continued Training…

The training doesn’t have to stop when you first hire your new employee. We can continue to work with you and your team over the next 6-18 months to continue building their skills with more advanced material and training as they’re incorporated into your team.

Expand your talent pool, and recruit faster, cheaper with XR Terra

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Enterprise Projects

During our courses your team will create a variety of enterprise XR use cases with Unity. They’ll leave ready to jump in on your company’s projects.


We offer weekly office hours and 1:1 support for students. Each student will be supported on their unique learning journey.


XR is a small, but quickly growing industry. You and your team will have access to a network of peers to lean on.

Ready to scale your XR efforts?

We’re here to help! Thanks for researching XR Terra, the premiere XR training and recruiting company in the US.

We have live cohorts because we recognize how much better synchronous learning is for student completion rates and actual skill building.


We extend the live experience to your research as well.

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